Monday, 19 August 2013

The brain of the energy chain: PPDS from igus monitors trouble-free energy chain function

A system’s standstill costs time, money and nerves. To reduce downtimes and to avoid damages, igus GmbH offers with PPDS advanced and PPDS pro Condition-Monitoring-Systems to monitor shifting forces at energy chains.

Machine stoppages can’t always be fully avoided – even with most extensive precautionary measures. When energy supply systems are open, parts or tools can fall into the chain and block the motion. The possible consequence: Damages that require partial or complete replacement of the chain and the guided cables. In these cases to keep damages to a minimum , igus offers the appropriated “Push Pull Force Detection System” (PPDS) for such applications. igus could tremendously reduce the space requirement due to the use of state-of-the-art electronic components: previous and partly clumsy switchboxes for evaluation units of shrink about 2/3 in size and price. With it the “brain of the energy chain” now becomes cost-effective standard equipment.
Reliable prevention of damages
It has been ten years since igus introduced the first PPDS. Its function: The PPDS monitors occurring shifting forces at energy chains. If something blocks the motion, shifting forces increase. From a firmly defined threshold value, PPDS sends a signal to the system control to stop all motors. This avoids severe damages at the energy chains and the cables. The field of application of the PPDS family starts at travels of 10 meters and reaches up to plants with travels of 500 meters and more.

Compact monitoring of the state for all sizes
To monitor ways between 10 and 100 meters, the especially cheap PPDS basic is part of the igus program since 2012. It registers shifting forces via two small sensors that are located between the connecting element of the energy chain and the towing arm. The evaluation unit PPDS.EU.01 displays the forces, records occurring exceedance of the limit values and in case of emergency – sends the signal to the machine control. A complete system inclusively sensors, evaluation unit and connection cable is available from stock.

For travels of 100 meters and more, the floating moving ends are used to compensate lateral tolerances during the floating end drive. For this purpose igus provides the PPDS advanced with a special sensor variant. This allows reliable monitoring of shifting forces also in this case. In the heavy-duty area with its very long travels and high additional loads, igus offers the PPDS pro. It is particularly designed for the application, controls shifting forces on the basis of position dependent limit values. Previously an evaluation for the systems advanced and pro, clumsy switchboxes were used, whereas today thanks to smart electronics, a compact unit of the protection class IP65 – smaller than a DIN A4 sheet – overtakes this task.

Picture PM1413-01:
If open energy supply systems are blocked shifting values increase. The new and compact evaluation unit igus PPDS.EU.01 signals the status at all travel distances so that all motors can be stopped via the system control. (Source: igus GmbH)

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