Wednesday, 26 June 2013

igus introduces the new generation of micro-chains

igus has given its micro-chains for tight design spaces a makeover and come up with a new modular system: clever design tricks such as the double stop system or the “brake” make the E2 micro versions even sturdier and quieter than their predecessors. With the e-chain E2.15 an increase in possible additional load of 100 per cent was achieved. With a self-supporting length of the upper run of up to 1.25 m, new application options are now possible in the tightest of spaces.

The micro-chains from igus are made up of very small one or two-part e-chains. Their low weight makes them extremely suitable for highly dynamic applications such as automatic doors, measuring machines, handling, pick-and-place robots or adjusting units.

Picture -01
Every E2 micro-chain is delivered with a plastic opening tool. The wings are hinged at the side and open all bridges in seconds for even faster installation.

With the series E2.10 and E2.15 the tribo-polymer company from Cologne has developed a new generation of micro-chains. The new energy chains are much sturdier than their same-size predecessors. The high stability is due in part to the clever design – a double stop system helps the E2.15 series to achieve an increase in possible additional load of up to 100 per cent. And with a maximum self-supported length of 1.25 m, 25 per cent more than with the predecessor chain, new application possibilities are possible even where space is extremely tight. New in the modular system are the micro-separating bridges, the catches of which guarantee a firm hold even with side fixtures. In addition, the round contours of the bridges ensure a particularly smooth interior that goes easy on the cables. A built-in “brake” dampens stop noises and guarantees smooth running.

Opening tool for assembly in seconds
The E2 micro system includes connection elements in different versions – rigid, one-sided and two-sided pendulum bearings. This means the E2 micro can be mounted in any direction on the chain and attached to the machine – including on the front when the quick flange clipped in at the side is used. This allows the E2 micro to be used for all applications – horizontally, vertically downwards or upwards, circular or even lateral.

A further aspect of the new E2 micro is its fast and easy installation. There is an entering diagonal worked into the bolts of the sides to make assembly easier. Every E2 chain is delivered with a plastic opening tool to make installation even faster. The tool can be hinged open at the side and has wings which open all the bridges in seconds.

Modular system also for the smallest e-chains
The new e-chains differ from their one-part predecessors in terms of design too, the E2 micro system is available in the igus-specific modular range in three variants: Alongside a completely closed version, the E2 micro can be opened with two different bridge versions in the outer or inner radius. At the moment, all versions with an inner width of 20 mm for the heights 10 mm and 15 mm are available. Gradually, after the Hanover Fair, both series will be manufactured in seven further widths each.

Picture -02

The new generation of igus micro-chains is even sturdier than its same-size predecessors: With the e-chain E2.15 a few design features achieved an increase in possible additional load of 100 per cent.

About igus India;
igus® operations in India started in the year 1998 with head quarters in Bangalore. igus offers widest range of products that includes polymer bearings, igubal® spherical bearings, DryLin® linear bearings & guide systems enable them to serve the whole industrial establishments in India from a small work shop to huge industrial establishments.

Monday, 24 June 2013

New twistable fibre optic cable makes safe data transfer possible for robots

Bus system problems often occur during twisting applications in energy chains, particularly with shielded data cables if the shields get damaged or open up. This is not the case with glass fibre optic cables: These do not have a mechanically vulnerable shield braid, and they are insensitive to EMC whilst transferring high-speed bus signals up to a length of 400 m. Following comprehensive tests, the Cologne-based company igus GmbH has now developed a new twistable fibre optic cable for all 3D movements in energy chains, to keep bus systems working reliably. The twistable TPE fibre optic cable "Chainflex CF Robot-LWL" makes high data rates possible and can be routed directly alongside high-capacity electrical power cables. The special design uses twist-optimised compensating elements, and the mechanically strong fibre optic cable is absolutely robust even with rotary angles of +180° eg on a robot arm.

One million cycles, 360° torsion angle

The new fibre optic cable has been running on a test set-up 1 m long in the igus technical centre for more than 1 million double cycles. There is no change to the excellent data transfer rates even at a torsion angle of 360°. The fibre optic cable has a 2-fibre optic core, is resistant to oil, bio-oil and UV light and remains flexible in the cold. The FOC wires with high-tensile aramid fibres and dampers are stranded firmly around a GRP core. The pressure-extruded outer sheath is made of a halogen-free TPE mixture. Highly dynamic in continuous movement, the cable can be used for indoor and outdoor applications at temperatures from -20 to +60°C.

The "Chainflex CF Robot-LWL" has a fibre diameter of 50/125 µm and is suitable for almost all high-speed buses provided that suitable converters are used. This covers a wide range of uses in Flex Cable Applications, such as in energy chains on robots and machine handling where vision technology plays an exciting role. This helps to meet the requirements on moving quality control monitoring, which are becoming ever more demanding. The new fibre optic cable is a solution suitable for industrial applications for image transmission for GigE, FireWire IEEE1394a/b and USB. 

Image: "Chainflex CF Robot-LWL" for energy chains – new 2-fibre gradient fibre optic cable for all torsion applications.

Igus launches “guidefast” for a lateral mounting to standard carriers of industry and hall cranes

The energy supply specialist igus GmbH Cologne, introduces a guiding trough for energy chains, that is easy and simple to install. “guidefast” has been developed especially for a lateral mounting to standard carriers of industry and hall cranes. The modular design and a reduced number of components significantly reduce the installation time: Up to 80 % compared with standard energy supply solutions for hall cranes. The cheap guiding trough is available in different materials and sizes.

Brackets, trough, clips - ready
The elaborate concept simplifies the work of the installer with every step: Special brackets that are mounted via screw/thread or welding bolts allow simple vertical fine-adjustment. Furthermore, the static cables can be directly fixed to the integrated strain relief of the bracket – this considerably simplifies electrification and additional installation as, for example, cable clips or hose clamps, become needless. To connect guiding troughs with a standard trough length of 2 m easily and without shearing edges, special clips are available. Every 500 mm the trough elements dispose of a cable supply as well as prefabricated bore patterns for the connecting elements of the energy chain. The energy chain is directly inserted into the guiding trough including cables. Through the cable supply, the installer can flexibly connect consumers or feeds wherever the situation of installation requires it. The prefabricated bore patterns accelerate installation, because time consuming measuring, drilling or cutting is unnecessary. All savings sum up to 80 % less installation time. For this reason, “guidefast” does not only contribute to reduce costs, above all, it also allows faster commissioning. Customers, that like to save additional installation time, can order pre-harnessed and ready-made “readychain” energy chains from igus. At , igus branch manager Christian Strauch demonstrates the fast and simple installation of the new system.

Complete construction kit – thoroughly tested

Like any other igus products, “guidefast” has been thoroughly tested in the company’s own 1.030 m2 test laboratory. In long-term tests the guiding trough has proven its strength and resistance against vibration also under harsh environmental conditions. “guidefast” is part of the complete package for crane applications and consists of trough, the E2/000 energy chain and “chainflex” cables. The trough is available in different designs such as galvanised steel, stainless steel or black powdered steel versions. An aluminium version is planned.

Picture PM2512-01: igus
The new guiding trough construction kit for hall cranes from igus: fast and simple to install with a few movements. To make the crane operate faster, the number of components and cycles are reduced to a minimum: bracket, trough, clips – nothing more is required to reduce installation time.

Picture PM2512-02: igus
Especially to install at hall cranes: brackets are directly mounted to the crane carrier via welding bolt or screw / thread. The trough is available in steel, stainless steel and as black powdered version; an aluminium version is in preparation. On demand an individually pre-harnessed “readychain” is available as part of the complete package.

igus launches linear axes for the extreme

igus GmbH, Cologne, has been gradually building up the motor program for its linear axes, introduced one year ago. At the Hannover Fair in 2012 the company launched new and ready-to-install combinations of motor and linear units for the use underwater or in a vacuum. Designers equip the growing “drylin” (Needle Bearing) linear axes program and the fitting motors with drive solutions for almost every area of application that has to be lubrication-free. Specifically developed motor kits facilitate the connection of the motors to the linear axes.

Applicable up to 10 m water depth
“drylin” (Linear Round Guide) ZLW toothed belt shafts with freely selectable stroke length have been developed to position small loads. A special under water toothed belt shaft with PU toothed belt (ZLW-1040-UW) can now, combined with the new 2-phase hybrid underwater stepper motor (NEMA 23), be used up to 10 m water depth. The motor meets the protection class IP 68. With a special lacquering it is protected against corrosion in the long run. Its tightness is guaranteed up to 1 bar, the permissible motor surface temperature ranges from – 30 to + 80 ° C. Besides the internal and external under water operation, applications are possible, where units frequently need to be cleaned with water such as ones in the food industry. For the purpose of format changes the underwater motor can be alternatively connected with the spindle linear axis SLW-ESJ-1040 that is completely made of stainless steel.

Positioning in the vacuum
In the semiconductor production or measuring technology, automation components are often applied in a vacuum. To work properly among such conditions and without contaminating the vacuum, the linear units need to be lubrication-free, with low abrasion and corrosion-free. Appropriate is a combination of spindle-driven stainless steel linear axes (for example SLW-ESX-1040) and the new NEMA 23 motor, suitable for vacuums (fine vacuum up to 10^-3 mbar). The stepper motor is resistant against radiation up to 10 J/kg, its housing is made of stainless steel, the permissible surface temperature of the motor is -20 to + 80 °C.

Picture 01: igus
Also in the semiconductor production or in measurement technology even at vacuum conditions – can at any time get into the right position with stainless steel spindle linear axis SLW-ESX-1040 and the new NEMA 23 vacuum stepper motor with stainless steel housing.

Picture 02: igus
Lubrication-free drive technology that also works underwater up to 10 m water depth. The underwater toothed belt shaft ZLW-1040-UW and the new IP 68 conform underwater motor (NEMA 23).

Igus launches energy chains which are low in friction and light weight for long travels

Energy chain specialist igus GmbH introduces a new roller energy chain (based on the E2/000 family) and a modular plastic guiding profile. Both new products are particularly ideal for long travels. They are part of the permanently growing modular system for all types of movement.

Economic roller energy chain
If the travel is too long for a pure sliding application, and a robust P4 roller energy chain is over-dimensioned due to its filling weight and its dynamic, light weight roller energy-chains of the series 3500R - based on the proven two-piece energy chain family E2/000 - are the ideal solution. With this further development, long travels with low additional loads can be cost-effectively achieved. The known advantages of the design – safe, silent, durable and abrasion-resistant - are maintained. The energy chain, which can be opened from the external radius, is particularly variable due to its modular interior separation. Easy to install, it is particularly suitable for horizontal applications. The modular design of the roller chain link allows the use of all widths of the standard series 3500.

The roller system with low friction, not only safely drives energy. It is especially energy-efficient compared to sliding solutions. Travels up to 150 m at speeds up to 4 m/s can be achieved more economically. All “energy-chains” of the series 3500R are part of the comprehensive modular system, they are available at short notice and when required completely ready-to install.

Efficient plastic guiding profile
The chain series 3500R can be safely guided in the newly developed “guidelite” system, a modular plastic Guide Rails. While the lower run of the EC is guided in two L-shaped and glass-fibre-reinforced guiding troughs, the upper run partially passes through guide brackets that are mounted in distances of one meter. The system points at harsh conditions with its weather resistance, insensitivity against dirt and high impact strength at low temperature.

Because the upper run of the energy chain is only partly guided, it is designed for slow applications with low cycle numbers. Due to its open design it is particularly insensitive against dirt and for example can be used in greenhouses. In this case the EC(energy chain is used to guide water hoses. Generally many other applications are imaginable, where the requirements in terms of speed, cycle numbers and additional loads are at the lower range. Apart from that “guidelite” can be used as a cheap supporting trough for free-supporting applications. In addition of the series 3500R “guidelite” is suitable for different “e-chains” of the series E2/000 and E4.1. “guidelite” can be quickly installed, it is especially economic, corrosion-resistant and very lightweight.

Igus launches energy chains which are low in friction and light weight for long travels
Picture 01: igus GmbH, Cologne
Modular plastic guide profile “guidelite” for long travels also in harsh environments. Main components are two L-shaped and glass-fibre-reinforced guiding troughs and guide brackets mounted in a distance of one meter.

igus GmbH, Cologne
Picture 02: igus GmbH, Cologne
Roller energy chains of the series 3500R for long travels: safe, silent, durable and abrasion-resistant, in the picture with the new modular “guidelite” guiding trough.