Monday, 24 June 2013

igus launches linear axes for the extreme

igus GmbH, Cologne, has been gradually building up the motor program for its linear axes, introduced one year ago. At the Hannover Fair in 2012 the company launched new and ready-to-install combinations of motor and linear units for the use underwater or in a vacuum. Designers equip the growing “drylin” (Needle Bearing) linear axes program and the fitting motors with drive solutions for almost every area of application that has to be lubrication-free. Specifically developed motor kits facilitate the connection of the motors to the linear axes.

Applicable up to 10 m water depth
“drylin” (Linear Round Guide) ZLW toothed belt shafts with freely selectable stroke length have been developed to position small loads. A special under water toothed belt shaft with PU toothed belt (ZLW-1040-UW) can now, combined with the new 2-phase hybrid underwater stepper motor (NEMA 23), be used up to 10 m water depth. The motor meets the protection class IP 68. With a special lacquering it is protected against corrosion in the long run. Its tightness is guaranteed up to 1 bar, the permissible motor surface temperature ranges from – 30 to + 80 ° C. Besides the internal and external under water operation, applications are possible, where units frequently need to be cleaned with water such as ones in the food industry. For the purpose of format changes the underwater motor can be alternatively connected with the spindle linear axis SLW-ESJ-1040 that is completely made of stainless steel.

Positioning in the vacuum
In the semiconductor production or measuring technology, automation components are often applied in a vacuum. To work properly among such conditions and without contaminating the vacuum, the linear units need to be lubrication-free, with low abrasion and corrosion-free. Appropriate is a combination of spindle-driven stainless steel linear axes (for example SLW-ESX-1040) and the new NEMA 23 motor, suitable for vacuums (fine vacuum up to 10^-3 mbar). The stepper motor is resistant against radiation up to 10 J/kg, its housing is made of stainless steel, the permissible surface temperature of the motor is -20 to + 80 °C.

Picture 01: igus
Also in the semiconductor production or in measurement technology even at vacuum conditions – can at any time get into the right position with stainless steel spindle linear axis SLW-ESX-1040 and the new NEMA 23 vacuum stepper motor with stainless steel housing.

Picture 02: igus
Lubrication-free drive technology that also works underwater up to 10 m water depth. The underwater toothed belt shaft ZLW-1040-UW and the new IP 68 conform underwater motor (NEMA 23).

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