Monday, 24 June 2013

Igus launches “guidefast” for a lateral mounting to standard carriers of industry and hall cranes

The energy supply specialist igus GmbH Cologne, introduces a guiding trough for energy chains, that is easy and simple to install. “guidefast” has been developed especially for a lateral mounting to standard carriers of industry and hall cranes. The modular design and a reduced number of components significantly reduce the installation time: Up to 80 % compared with standard energy supply solutions for hall cranes. The cheap guiding trough is available in different materials and sizes.

Brackets, trough, clips - ready
The elaborate concept simplifies the work of the installer with every step: Special brackets that are mounted via screw/thread or welding bolts allow simple vertical fine-adjustment. Furthermore, the static cables can be directly fixed to the integrated strain relief of the bracket – this considerably simplifies electrification and additional installation as, for example, cable clips or hose clamps, become needless. To connect guiding troughs with a standard trough length of 2 m easily and without shearing edges, special clips are available. Every 500 mm the trough elements dispose of a cable supply as well as prefabricated bore patterns for the connecting elements of the energy chain. The energy chain is directly inserted into the guiding trough including cables. Through the cable supply, the installer can flexibly connect consumers or feeds wherever the situation of installation requires it. The prefabricated bore patterns accelerate installation, because time consuming measuring, drilling or cutting is unnecessary. All savings sum up to 80 % less installation time. For this reason, “guidefast” does not only contribute to reduce costs, above all, it also allows faster commissioning. Customers, that like to save additional installation time, can order pre-harnessed and ready-made “readychain” energy chains from igus. At , igus branch manager Christian Strauch demonstrates the fast and simple installation of the new system.

Complete construction kit – thoroughly tested

Like any other igus products, “guidefast” has been thoroughly tested in the company’s own 1.030 m2 test laboratory. In long-term tests the guiding trough has proven its strength and resistance against vibration also under harsh environmental conditions. “guidefast” is part of the complete package for crane applications and consists of trough, the E2/000 energy chain and “chainflex” cables. The trough is available in different designs such as galvanised steel, stainless steel or black powdered steel versions. An aluminium version is planned.

Picture PM2512-01: igus
The new guiding trough construction kit for hall cranes from igus: fast and simple to install with a few movements. To make the crane operate faster, the number of components and cycles are reduced to a minimum: bracket, trough, clips – nothing more is required to reduce installation time.

Picture PM2512-02: igus
Especially to install at hall cranes: brackets are directly mounted to the crane carrier via welding bolt or screw / thread. The trough is available in steel, stainless steel and as black powdered version; an aluminium version is in preparation. On demand an individually pre-harnessed “readychain” is available as part of the complete package.

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