Thursday, 20 March 2014

The India tour comes to a successful end, as iglidur continues its trip around the world…

igus celebrated the beginning of a adventurous world wide tour to mark the 30th anniversary of its iglidurpolymer bearings and the 50th anniversary of the company as a whole. igus GmbH sent out a small, retrofitted car on a round-the-world trip with its first stop in “Incredible India”.

Igus presented the car fitted with 56 igus polymer bearing components at the press conference on 30th January 2014 in Delhi. The car was also displayed at the Auto Expo 2014, Delhi and had an overwhelming response from the visitors.

With the flagging off on 10th January 2014 the iglidur started its road trip from Delhi travelling through 14 major cities like Agra, the pink city of Jaipur, Ahmedabad followed by the financial capital Mumbai, Pune to the automotive hub Chennai and finally to its last destination in India - Bangalore, the head quarters of igus India, covering a total distance of 4619 km and visiting 61 major manufacturing companies across India.

At the closing event in the igus India Factory and HQ the car had a traditional welcome and emotional send off by the staff in the presence of vendors, associates and members of the press. 

                            Pic 1 :Caption - Welcome of the car at the igus India factory
Pic 1 :Caption - Welcome of the car at the igus India factory

During this event igus also honoured innovative applications with polymer bearings in India for the year 2013 with the first edition of the Indian local Manus® awards.

                        Pic 2 : Caption - Manus Award Winners
Pic 2 : Caption - Manus Award Winners

Gold Indian manus winner (INR 100,000/-) Late Mr. Harshwardhan Gupta from Neubauplan Automation for file cutting machine with Drylin and many other parts. Silver Indian manus winner (INR 75,000/-) Mr. Munir Pansare from Tata Motors was awarded foe his application of noise reduction in steering column using JVSM. And finally the Bronze Indian manus winner (INR 50,000/-) Ms. Manjari Govankop from Mahindra & Mahindra had a tractor application where igubal WGRM ball and socket special part with seal and major VAVE objectives were met.

Further igus had committed at the press conference in Delhi on 30th Jan 2014, to donate INR 100 and igus GmbH € 1 for every kilometre driven by the car on Indian roads. At the end of the journey the car travelled a total distance of 4619 Kilometres. A sum of INR 8,54,515/- (around €10,000) was donated to M.A.D (Make A Difference) which would help sponsoring the education of 854 kids in India.

Iglidur on tour continues it journey in Asia and is currently touring China followed by America and Europe, covering more than 20 countries across the globe and returning back to celebrate the 50th anniversary of igus in Cologne, Germany.

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About igus India:
igus® operations in India started in the year 1998 with head quarters in Bangalore. igus offers widest range of products that includes polymer bearings, igubal®spherical bearings, DryLin® linear bearings & guide systems enable them to serve the whole industrial establishments in India from a small work shop to huge industrial establishments.

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