Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Igus introduces versatile construction kit for robotics

At this year's Automatica, igus presents its innovations, which move robots reliably and extend their service lives. The products on show range from 3D energy chains to retract systems or specially developed cables for robot applications - igus presents products that give customers the ability to configure optimised, low-cost solutions for their applications. Using the appropriate tools from igus, these can be configured quickly and easily.

igus is showcasing its products for the robotics industry at Automatica in Munich. These include the triflex TRCF energy chain designed specifically for multi-axis systems. This three-dimensional chain consists of a completely enclosed system. The unique feature of this robot chain is that it can be quickly opened and filled at the same time, with the flip-open mechanism enabling chainlinks to be opened quickly and easily with a screw driver. This approach allows even large filling diameters to be inserted in record time, therefore triflex TRCF is suited for applications with dirt and chip exposure. trfilex TRCF 85 is now available as a new version with a nominal diameter of 85 millimetres and - as is customary for 3D robot chains from igus - with defined minimum bending radii and torsion stop dogs. This guides and protects hoses and cables reliably in the interior. A rugged stop dog system also ensures high strength. trilex TRCF can be shortened and extended as needed. Accessories, such as mounting brackets and protectors are also available.

Know more about energy chains at: http://www.igus.in/energychains

Compact triflex RSE retract system
The compact triflex RSE retract system is yet another novelty shown at Automatica 2014. At a total weight of only 1.8 kilogrammes, an overall length of 44 millimetres, and a maximum retract travel of 500 millimetres, the cost-effective module is ideally suited for smaller robots. The system reliably guides the 3D energy chain, while also preventing the formation of loops.

Complete cable product range for 3D applications
The CFROBOT cables from igus put the finishing touches on the construction kit principle for the robotic industry. The cable product range for difficult robotic applications ranges from hybrid and control cables to bus, data, and fibre-optic cables, creating a comprehensive assortment optimised for use in 3D energy chains with respect to the cable design. For cores, braided elements and shields are constantly exposed to significantly changing stresses in torsion applications. For this purpose, highly wear-resistant and halogen-free PUR or TPE jackets protect the torsion-optimised braiding elements against potential damage. The specialised designs guarantee that even fibre-optic cables work reliably in torsion applications. This was proven in tests with 27 million torsion movements. Deliveries are available starting at one metre without minimum order quantity or cutting charges.

"QuickRobot" supports quick online configuration
igus not only sells products optimised for the robotics industry, but also provides online tools, such as "QuickRobot", which is used to configure the entire equipment for 79 robot types immediately. By indicating the robot manufacturer and the type series, the complete matching equipment for up to a maximum of six axis is displayed within seconds. Ranging from large welding robots to small handling robots , this tool is capable of designing a wide range of applications.

Igus introduces versatile construction kit for robotics

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igus supplies various products for the robotics industry, which customers can ideally configure and assemble based on the construction kit principle. (Source: igus GmbH)

About igus India
igus® operations in India started in the year 1998 with head quarters in Bangalore. igus offers widest range of products that includes polymer bearings, igubal® spherical bearings, DryLin® linear bearings & guide systems enable them to serve the whole industrial establishments in India from a small work shop to huge industrial establishments.

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