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Connect RTGs with energy and data automatically: The e-rover from igus

With the e-rover, igus has produced a system that automatically couples rubber-tyred gantry cranes with an energy chain system. A telescopic arm connects the trough guided energy chain to the RTG. Thus, providing guaranteed energy supply and data transmission through standard and fibre optic cables.

RTG’s (rubber-tyred gantry cranes) are mobile container bridges, which can switch between the container corridors. Usually, these RTGs are fuelled by diesel. To save energy costs and to protect the environment, developments in the past years moved towards electric vehicles that are coupled to an energy supply system once they are in a traffic lane. igus GmbH has developed its e-rover to enable automatic energy chain system connection and disconnection. Thus, allowing energy and data to be supplied safely in cables and fibre-optic cables with Gigabyte speeds. The coupling process takes about a minute, with no limits to the travel speed of the RTG. Once the RTG has been "plugged in" to the energy chain system, the power supply via the diesel mode is discontinued. Currently, cables having a cross section of 180 mm² per phase are feasible.

Image PM2514-1
Image PM2514-1
The e-rover from igus enables an automatic connection and disconnection of the RTG in about a minute. (Source: igus GmbH)

Balancing of the horizontal and vertical unevenness
The system works via a telescopic arm on the RTG, which can retract and extend. This has two advantages. Firstly, an automatic coupling is possible, and the energy chain in which all media can be routed simultaneously, pulled along by the RTG. Hence, the supply of energy and data is guaranteed. Secondly, the horizontal and vertical irregularities and offsets in the travel path can be compensated. The system is suitable for long travels 800 metres and possibly longer depending on the customer requirements in the container port.

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Image PM2514-2a


Image PM2514-2a and PM2514-2b
Once the RTG has been attached and "plugged" into the energy chain system, the energy supply via the diesel operation is discontinued, thus conserving energy and the environment. (Source: igus GmbH) 

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