Monday, 13 October 2014

igus launches modular system which guides and protects very small hoses and cables

Photo PM3214-1

Photo PM3214-1
The e-cord micro is made of low friction tribo-plastics with predefined bending radii to reliably move small capillary tubes and cables. (Source: igus GmbH)

Medical machines often contain dosing and pipetting functions which require the constant movement of capillary tubes, which are only a millimetre or so in diameter. In these applications the fragile capillary tubes are often squeezed into a small bend radius which can cause damage to the tubes or blockages in the flow through them. igus has designed the e-cord micro to help in these cases. The system ensures the hoses do not fall within a pre-defined minimum bend radius of 45mm, and are also given some physical protection. The modular nature of the system and the elasticity of the material allows machine designers lots of flexibility when designing moving capillary tubes into the smallest of spaces.

Modular Design
igus assembles the e-cord micro to order, ensuring a perfect match to the required motion and space of the machine. In this way, different movement directions and travel path lengths can be implemented easily and flexibly. The concept for the e-cord micro, like many other igus products, was driven by customer requirements for a novel solution to their specific challenges. By producing a flexible solution, many other applications in different industries can be realised too.

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About igus India
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