Friday, 24 April 2015

igus energy chain receives iF design award

igus has once again been recognised by the iF jury with a design award, this time for its new EF2.21 series of energy chains. A one-piece chain link made from fibre-reinforced material yet retaining a flexible crossbar combines high strength, ease of use and low production costs.

"Moving energy made easy" is at the heart of design and production by the plastics expert igus, which now has had 32 recognitions through the iF design award since 1987. The iF design awards rank among the most important design competitions worldwide. Over 4,700 products from 53 countries were submitted for the competition in 2015.

Now the e-chain EF2.21 has been added to the list of award winners by igus. To date openable crossbars were made of a softer material, generally at the expense of strength. Thanks to the integrally moulded hinges made of fibre-reinforced plastic, the EF2.21 combines high strength with low production costs. In addition, it can be snapped open quicklyfor filling with cables and closed again. "Only a few months passed from the first idea for this energy chain to the detailed tests in our laboratory ad on to the award ceremony of the iF design award," says Harald Nehring, Vice Presdident for e-chain systems at igus. "This shows that we not only develop interesting ideas or concepts, but that we implement them quickly as well."

                          igus energy chain receives iF design award

Image PM0315-1

The 2015 iF product design award was presented to the energy chain EF2.21. The special feature is the integrally moulded hinges using reinforced material, which brings together high strength and low production costs. (Source: igus GmbH)

About igus India 
igus® operations in India started in the year 1998 with head quarters in Bangalore. igus offers widest range of products that includes polymer bearings, igubal® spherical bearings, DryLin® linear bearings & guide systems enable them to serve the whole industrial establishments in India from a small work shop to huge industrial establishments.

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