Monday, 18 July 2016

New machine building standard for energy chains: Quieter, longer lasting, easier assembly

New machine building standard for energy chains: Quieter, longer lasting, easier assembly

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The new quiet igus E2.1 can be opened with a screwdriver or the new matching chain opener that is supplied for free with each initial order. (Source: igus GmbH)

At the 2016 Hannover Messe igus presents E2.1, a new generation of its two-piece energy chain. Based on continuous development and new customer requirements, the original series has been significantly improved. Compared to the previous version, the E2.1 offers revolutionary innovations to significantly improve the service life of customer applications.

For over 15 years the motion plastics specialist igus has had the E2/000 energy chain series in its product range, which combines a versatile and lightweight assembly with strength and has become the standard chain in machinery construction for wood and metal processing worldwide. The E2.1 is a new energy chain in the range that also consists of two pieces: a chain link and a crossbar. This can be opened on the outer radius on both sides with a screwdriver or the new chain opener which is supplied for free with every initial order, and opened out or even completely removed subsequently. The crossbars can easily be closed again by hand. By means of a screwdriver, this new generation allows the crossbars to be opened from the side of the chain link, which is advantageous in pre-assembled chains and areas with restricted access. Another constructive advancement on the E2.1 is the 'brake' on the stop dog of the chain links. This ensures a very quiet chain travel with lower vibration and noise. Compared to the previous generation the E2.1 is quieter by around 50 percent.

Design for maximum service life
The new E2.1 series has a very cable-friendly interior which adds more space for the same outer dimensions when compared to the E2/000. "For example, this can be an advantage in machine tools, because often very little space is available here," explains Harald Nehring, authorised officer for e-chain systems at igus. In keeping with the design of the interior of the chain igus provides separators with rounded edges for a long service life of hoses and cables. For a precise mounting of the separators an integrated grid system is provided on the crossbars. At the Hannover Messe igus is showing the new E2.1 with an interior height of 38 millimetres and an inner width of 65 millimetres. Other options and a version that snap's open along the inner radius will also be developed in the following months.

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