Friday, 5 July 2013

Igus Introduces Custom-made lubrication-free piston rings

Polymer bearing expert igus, has been producing customer-specific piston rings, tailor-made in terms of geometry and material, for about ten years. Now, the company is supplying piston rings in a wide standard catalogue range. The clip-type guide rings are used in valves, actuators and lifting components in armatures, the food and drinks industry, chemical and medical technology, to name but a few. The igus piston rings are lubrication free, wear-resistant, have a defined clearance and are dimensionally stable even with edge loads. This makes the “iglidur” piston rings suitable for linear and/or rotary, lifting or pivoting movements.

Clip rather than fiddle
One major advantage – in addition to being lubrication free – is they are fast fitting. The ready-to-fit piston rings are fitted in only one movement, into an undercut machined in a bore or in a groove of a shaft. The “iglidur” piston rings are positioned, clipped and then snap in places. They are increasingly replacing PTFE tapes that have to be punched or cut from raw material in a time-consuming process, then inserted manually in a groove before the piston is then slipped into the bore of the assembly. Moreover, the straightforward handling of the piston rings reduces potential sources of faults – there is no more deformation, and fitting errors are almost eliminated.

Photo 01: igus 
Position, clip, finished: Maintenance-free “iglidur” polymer piston rings from igus GmbH, Cologne, are fitted in one movement. Ready-to-fit, they are increasingly replacing PTFE tape that requires a complex manufacturing process.

Polymer piston rings made of the tribo-optimised universal material “iglidur J” are now available ex stock in 13 dimensions for shaft diameters from 10 to 70 mm. From now, they can be delivered in specific materials and dimensions within 10 days. All “iglidur” materials and standard bearing dimensions are available on the basis of the company’s plain bearing catalogue range. Popular piston ring materials (besides “iglidur J”) are the FDA-approved material “iglidur A180”, “iglidur X” for use in chemicals and high temperatures, the low-cost material “iglidur J4” and “iglidur J350” for applications at over 90°C.

can be delivered in specific materials and dimensions within 10 days. Customers can choose from the whole “iglidur” catalogue range.

Photo 02: igus 
Lubrication-free polymer piston rings made of the universal material “iglidur J” are now available ex stock in 13 dimensions for diameters from 10 to 70 mm. 

About igus India:
igus® operations in India started in the year 1998 with head quarters in Bangalore. igus offers widest range of products that includes polymer bearings, igubal® PillowBlock Bearings, DryLin® linear bearings & guide systems enable them to serve the whole industrial establishments in India from a small work shop to huge industrial establishments.

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