Friday, 12 July 2013

The igus bearings have three times higher lifetime

The polymer specialist from igus, presented last year with the material “iglidur Q2” a high load plainbearing which is more durable by a factor of 2 to 5 in harsh environmental conditions than the other 40 plain bearing materials of the company. Based on this material, the limits of performance of injection-moulded plastic bearings could be once again altered with a clever multi-component system: in comparison with iglidur Q2, the new iglidur Q2E (=enclosed) reaches in igus internal pan tests a higher lifetime by a factor of 3 at a radial load at 180 MPa. For this reason a two-component bearing of 30 mm length and 25 mm diameter can take loads of about 13.7 tons. This is equivalent to the weight of two full-grown bull elephants.

It all comes down to the mixture
The bearings consist of a hard polymer shell and a tribo-optimized core made of iglidur Q2 that is also stable in shape and wear-resistant even under high loads. Similar to an exoskeleton, the shell provides the bearing with high stability and makes for an increased lifetime. In addition to that there is the corrosion and maintenance freedom that can increase the productivity in many applications, especially compared to metallic solutions, because downtimes for service or repair can be renounced. iglidur Q2E is initially available for shaft diameters of 20, 25, 30 and 40 mm.

Even more selection for standards
The plain bearing program of the standard high-load material iglidur Q2 has been increased. Available are now iglidur Q2 bearings for shaft diameters up to 75 mm with and without collar. Especially in the field of agricultural engineering, commercial vehicles, construction machines as well as jig manufacturing and mechanical engineering, iglidur Q2 and Q2E plain bearings prove robustness.
 Picture 01: igus
The new two-component polymer bearing Q2E is suitable for high-load panning applications in harsh environments.

 Picture 02: igus
iglidur Q2E can’t only move elephants. It is also suitable for many applications, where high loads, dirt and humidity are involved.

Picture 03: igus
The standard high-load material iglidur Q2 has been enlarged about other sizes. It is now available for shaft diameters up to 75 mm with and without collar.

About igus India:
igus® operations in India started in the year 1998 with head quarters in Bangalore. igus offers widest range of products that includes polymer bearings, igubal® PillowBlock Bearings, DryLin® linear bearings & guide systems enable them to serve the whole industrial establishments in India from a small work shop to huge industrial establishments.

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